Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things To Do in 2011

In my last post I mentioned my reluctance to make New Year's resolutions. They just tend seem so BIG and intimidating.

1. Spend more time alone with my husband
2. Better manage my stress and anxiety

How will I make sure Zack and I spend more time together. What will I do to manage my stress? A little while back when I started reading Jennie's blog, I noticed this great yearly 'To Do List' that she had in her sidebar. Then yesterday, Marie Green posted a similar list. I really love this idea because it's so much more specific, and in my mind, that makes it more doable. So the 'resolutions' above might look more like this in a 'To do List' style:

1. Plan a once a month date night with my husband
2. Say no to more activities that will make our evenings crazier

I think that a 'To Do List" will help me to feel some immediate success. You cross each item off as you accomplish it. Also, you can take one resolution and make it into several items on a 'to do list'. Spend more time alone with my husband, might encompass the following: 1) Go snowshoeing alone with Zack at least twice this winter. 2) Watch a Netflix movie alone with Zack (we don't even have to leave the house for that one) at least twice a month. 3) Go out to dinner alone at least one a month. When I consider 'spending more time alone', I might have great intentions, but when it comes to putting it into action, I'll probably fall short. When I consider the more specific items though, I know these are things I can make happen. Also, the items might not be quite resolution worthy, but are still things that could make my life richer and more fun.

So here goes. The things I want to do in 2011:

  1. Run another half marathon
  2. Teach Shayna to make at least three of her favorite meals all by herself
  3. Climb another 14er with Zack
  4. Say no to more activities that will make our evenings crazier
  5. Go camping somewhere we've never been before
  6. Go out to dinner with Zack once a month
  7. Become debt free (other than the house payment)
  8. Run a full marathon
  9. Spend at least one night alone with Zack
  10. Make a new recipe twice a month
  11. Potty train Quinn
  12. Make a habit of getting up 15 minutes earlier
  13. Maintain my weight between 135-140
  14. Plant something new in the vegetable garden
  15. Run at least three times a week
  16. Go out for dinner and/or drinks with girlfriends once a month
  17. Take the family to Yellowstone
  18. Take the kids to swim in Meeker at least twice this winter
  19. Tell each of the children I love them everyday
  20. Try a new dish at 3 of my favorite restaurants
  21. Take a class for fun
  22. Move Quinn from his crib to a 'big boy' bed
  23. Hang photo arrangements of all five children in our bedroom and in the living room
  24. Paint Shayna's room
  25. Find a place that I would like to volunteer some time
  26. Work on my scrapbooks two mornings a month
  27. Try a trail run
  28. Spend time alone with each child
  29. Use my reusable grocery bags more often
  30. Read 3 novels aloud to the children (I read picture books with the younger children and listen to them read to me, but I would like to read some of my favorite YA novels aloud to them)
  31. Send a thank you note EVERY SINGLE TIME I receive a gift (and make the kids do the same)
  32. Make a habit of taking turns at the dinner table sharing something that happened that day (we have done this many times, but not everyday, and sometimes it's hard for some of us to get a word in with all the chatter at the table)
  33. Go snowshoeing alone with Zack twice this winter
  34. Make tortillas from scratch at least once
  35. Turn off ALL electronics for AT LEAST one hour every evening (TVs, ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, etc)
  36. Run a half marathon with Kara
  37. Smile more... especially at strangers
  38. Have a coffee date with friend/friends once a month
  39. Move the claw foot tub to the backyard and plant flowers in it
  40. Read at least one book a month. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I am spread pretty thin, folks.
  41. Start a 'kitchen remodel' savings account
  42. Walk away for a few minutes when I feel like I might shout at one of the children.
  43. Go for more family bike rides
  44. Learn to make at least one Indian dish (Indian food is a favorite of ours... not the kids, just the grown ups. The kids pretty much just eat the naan.)
  45. Avoid drinking soda for the entire year (I fear this may lead to more wine consumption, however :)
  46. Have a family game night once a month
  47. Drink more water
  48. Take more initiative when it comes to friendships
  49. Work toward repairing some broken relationships
  50. Feed the children healthier breakfasts (the one meal where I feel like we fall short
Well, it's a good start anyway, and I hope to add some things as the year progresses. I feel oddly energized for someone who has just made a to-do list bigger than any she has ever made before. Wish me luck!

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  1. Great list! I can't wait until we can both start crossing stuff off!


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