Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There is a lot of complaining in this post. Consider yourself warned.

My insurance informed me on Monday that they denied the claim for my varicose vein procedure. This, after the doctor assured me (at least three times, because that's how many times I asked him, "Are you sure I don't have to call my insurance company?") that they would get it pre-authorized. I cried (I know... so pathetic, but I couldn't help it) on the phone when she told me. Then I cried on the phone with the receptionist at the Doctor's office when she told me that neither the doctor or his nurse were in the office. Then I cried on the voice mail of the gal at the hospital's business office who the receptionist assured me could help me get this sorted out. Why cry? Well, because I got a bill from the hospital for SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! A bill, which I was assured I would not be responsible for. Because the doctor assured me they would PRE-AUTHORIZE it!

The gal from the hospital called me back and was very sympathetic, and said that it stated right there in my records that the nurse called the insurance company on October 20th, and spoke with 'Angela' who told her that this procedure did not need pre-authorization! Seems like someone is giving someone the run around. Why does it have all have to be so complicated?

I am hopeful that this situation can be resolved, but I know that I am going to have to jump through a few hoops first. And, to be honest, hoop jumping makes me grumpy... but not as grumpy as paying seven thousand dollars!
There is a rumor going around our small town that we are moving to New Mexico. Who, you may wonder, is responsible for said rumor? My own sweet daughter! It unfolded like this:

Several months ago I was having a conversation with Zack about the way New Mexico chooses to use lottery revenue. {If you are a New Mexico resident and graduate high school (or obtain a GED), you qualify for a full scholarship, and must only maintain a 2.5 GPA at university to continue to qualify.}

You see, we both graduated from New Mexico State, and my oldest and dearest friend still lives in New Mexico. She will occasionally dangle this carrot over my head to tempt us to move back. She was doing just this during a phone visit back in the late fall, as I was bemoaning the enormous cost of putting all of our dear offspring through school. Later that evening I related this conversation to Zack.

Well, it so happened that a certain 13 year old girl overheard this conversation and her brain leaped to the conclusion that we were, in fact, moving to New Mexico. Instead of discussing this with us, and getting the facts straight... in her devastation over the 'impending move', she proceeded to pass this information along to her brother, as well as to several of her friends (13 year old girls are NEVER prone to drama or exaggeration, right?). Her friends told their parents who questioned us about the upcoming move. We set them straight, discussed with our daughter the importance of clarifying information like this BEFORE telling people about it, and assumed the rumor was behind us.

Wrong. Tuesday morning, my daughter texted me (several months after the original rumor started), saying that her basketball coach asked her if we were moving. Apparently, our son had told his teacher, who told the coach, who asked our daughter about it (small towns work that way, people!).

WE ARE NOT MOVING TO NEW MEXICO! I love it there (and I love, love, love! the way they use their lottery funds... think how much money that would save us!), but the summer heat would kill me dead. Besides, I love Colorado too much.
My vacuum died yesterday. It has been smelling funny lately and yesterday, it just sputtered to a stop mid-vacuum. I called Dyson, and found that while it is within the warranty (five year warranty, and my mom bought it for us in November of 2007) period, I never actually registered it with the company.

I called my mom, and she didn't keep the receipt. It appears that the internet company she ordered it from is now out of business. She thought she might be able to get the confirmation e-mail, but it was on an old broken computer. She took the computer in, only to find out it was fried, with no way to access the e-mail.

The interesting part is that registration only requires a date of purchase, and a serial number, both of which I have access to. So, theoretically, it seems like I could register it now retroactively, right? Well, I planned to call the company this morning and try to plead my case. It seems, however, that the Chicago area has been affected by some weather, and the Dyson call center is having a 'snow day', like half the fricking country (Except for US! Not HERE! Not EVER!)

I am not exaggerating when I say I use my vacuum every. single. day. I have between 5 and 12 children in my house at any given time, and children and messes kind of go hand in hand. I am at a loss as to how I will survive without a vacuum for any extended period of time.

Today, I picked my daycare kids up at school as usual. I pulled into the garage, and pressed the button to shut the garage door and... the darn thing remained stubbornly open. No matter how many times I pushed that button... NOTHING. I hope it will resolve itself, when it warms up a little (like, let's say to at least to above ZERO!!!)

So today, my garage door broke (when it happens to be 25 below ZERO outside). Yesterday, my vacuum busted! Monday, I found out that my insurance is trying to get out of paying this enormous bill, and apparently we are moving to New Mexico without my knowledge. My week is turning into a serious suck fest... and it's only Wednesday. It really doesn't give me much hope for Thursday and Friday.

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  1. Yes, YES, you and I are on the same wavelength.

    The insurance thing would send me OVER THE EDGE. I'm glad it sounds like it's going to work out.


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